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Shake it off

Finding stillness and calm is an important part of our self-care routines, but sometimes what we need is to stand up, shake off some stress, and get our blood flowing. There are as many reasons to move our bodies as there are ways to do it. Research shows that movement can improve our mood, sharpen our focus, boost creativity, and reduce anxiety and depression.

Featured Practices

Are you ready to dance it out?

A fun workout for any fitness level led by body positive fitness coach Kanoa Greene. Exercising can be fun and rejuvenate the spirit and the body.

Yoga instructor Leucas Miller leads us through a 30-minute flow suitable for all experience levels, no equipment needed.

Yoga is about showing up for ourselves.

Quick Tips On Movement

Take a Break

Work a movement break into your day by taking a walk around the block, dancing to a favorite song, or doing five minutes of stretching. When we’re feeling stuck or unproductive, taking time to move can help us return to work with more focus and save time in the long run.


You don’t need to be able to stand on your head or do full pigeon pose to feel the benefits of yoga. At its core, yoga is the combination of movement and breath, often with moments of affirmation, reflection, or spirituality integrated into the practice. If you find classes or video routines overwhelming, start by learning a few key poses and build your practice from there.


The fun and benefits of dancing aren’t about getting it right or knowing the steps, it’s about letting go, expressing ourselves, and feeling the energy of the music while benefiting from the mental health benefits of moving our bodies and listening to music.


You don’t have to run five miles to feel the benefits of moving. Take a hike, walk around a neighborhood park during a work or school break, or – if you can’t get outside – take a few laps around your home or office.


Exercise is most beneficial to our physical and mental health when we do it consistently for at least 30 minutes three to five times every week. The key to consistency is finding something you enjoy doing that makes you feel good. If exercise feels like a dreaded chore, explore other ways of moving and working up a sweat.

More Movement Videos

Flow for Abundance

Yoga instructor Channing Hixon leads a gentle, energizing yoga practice focused on abundance. 

Quick Reset

Fitness and yoga instructor Heesun Kim leads us through a quick, 90-second breath and movement flow to help us regroup and recharge. 

Need Help Now?

If you or a friend are struggling and need to talk to someone, you are not alone. There are many free, confidential resources available 24/7.

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