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Being our authentic selves

is always enough. But it’s easy to forget that with so many opportunities to compare ourselves to others. Using affirmations is a simple, powerful way to remember our superpowers and embrace our potential. Affirmations have been proven to help us in school, decrease our stress, and help us prioritize taking care of ourselves. Using affirmations can also give us a more positive perspective, boost our confidence, and improve our overall health and wellness.

Featured Practices

The key to self-affirmation is consistency

Keah Brown – a journalist, author, actor and creator of #DisabledandCute – walks us through a daily affirmation routine that can change the way we see and treat ourselves.

Writer and musician Rachel Kang shares a simple technique to surround ourself with affirmations and gratitude. 

Fill your space with positive thoughts.

Quick Tips On Affirmation


A mantra or affirmation is a word or phrase you can think or say whenever you need support, want to feel grounded, or be inspired. It’s kind of like a personal slogan that can help shift your perspective or boost your mood in any given moment. When you repeat mantras over time, they can actually improve your mental health long term.

Find Your Mantra

Mantras are most effective when we customize them or make them on our own. If nothing comes to mind, search online or on social media for inspiration and then make them your own. Here are a few to get your juices flowing:

I am more than enough.
I am love, I am loved.
I am learning and growing every day.

Stay Present

Research has shown that affirmations are most powerful when we keep them in the present tense. It’s not just about wishing for things in the future, it’s about knowing you are powerful and worthy right now, and that you are capable of reaching your goals and living your best life. Keep your affirmations in the present tense using “am” or “can” statements instead of “will” or “could”.

Make it a Ritual

Being consistent boosts the impact of our affirmations. Mantras and positive posts are a great way to start or end the day, and they can be integrated into many everyday activities. Say affirmations out loud as part of your morning or evening beauty routine, integrate them into your drive to work or school, or repeat them on your morning walk, during exercise routines, or while you meditate or do yoga.

Positive Posts

If you find yourself bogged down or bummed out by negative thoughts about yourself, your abilities, or your future, first, know you’re not alone. Next, jot down those thoughts and create affirmations to shift your perspective. For example, if you feel overlooked at work or you’re doubting your abilities, write mantras like, “I am talented and my ideas are powerful,” or, “I have a voice and can speak up for myself in meetings,” on sticky notes. Put them in a spot where you’ll see them frequently, such as on your bathroom mirror, car dashboard, or desk.

Need Help Now?

If you or a friend are struggling and need to talk to someone, you are not alone. There are many free, confidential resources available 24/7.

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