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Celebrate your way this holiday season.

The holidays are a time to celebrate what’s important to us — our beliefs, relationships and traditions (old and new). To fully experience and enjoy the holidays, we have to take care of and celebrate ourselves.

Use this hub to explore experiences and practices that help give yourself the gift of self-care, self-love and balance. You’ll also find tips and tools for coping with challenges the season can bring. 

Explore by Intention

Alternate Nose Breathing

Yoga instructor Channing Hixon walks us through the Nadi Shodhana breathing technique to help us feel calmer and more grounded.

Sound Healing

Join multidisciplinary healer Thalia Ayres Randolph for a 15-minutes sound healing experience to help us disconnect from the noise of our lives and reconnect with ourselves.

Journaling Prompts

Getting to know ourselves better builds confidence and authenticity. K Marie – co-founder of Brwn Girl talk – shares journaling prompts to help us connect with ourselves.

Positivity Post-Its

Writer and musician Rachel Kang shares an exercise to find inspiration and celebrate the good things in our lives.

Explore by Practice

Active Breathing

Breathwork and yoga facilitator Jazmin Hicks leads us through a relaxing, restorative 10-minute active breathing exercise.

Seasonal Shake Out

Enjoy the mental health benefits of movement in this 15-minute dance party with body-positive fitness trainer Kanoa Greene.

Relaxation Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation teacher Neil D’Astolfo shares a relaxation practice to connect with ourselves and give our minds a rest.


Author and disability rights activist Keah Brown shares a self-affirmation review to boost self-worth and confidence.

Need Help Now?

If you or a friend are struggling and need to talk to someone, you are not alone. There are many free, confidential resources available 24/7.

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