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Fuel That Motivates

Whether we’re turning on the news, picking up our phone, or overhearing conversations on the street, it’s easy to find things to feel sad, anxious, or apathetic about. But when we look and listen a little closer, we can also find plenty to be inspired by and feel hopeful about. Inspiration is the fuel that motivates us to keep moving toward our goals, reaching out to find connections, and working to make the world a better place. Whether we’re looking inside ourselves or at the world around us, inspiration is always there. We just have to find it, embrace it, and pass it on.

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Find inspiration and set the stage to have a good day with a short, easy breathing and movement practice led by Leucas Miller. 

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Quick Tips On Inspired

Listen to Stories

Every day, people around the world are doing amazing, innovative, and inspiring things. We often talk about the negative impacts of going online and on social media, but there’s also a powerful benefit to these channels—they let us see, hear, and feel stories about people who are improving their lives and changing the world. The key is to be curious and open-minded, and find the stories that inspire and motivate you. If you feel apathetic or unmotivated, look for a podcast, article, book, or documentary that will remind you of all the possibilities.

Curate Your Feed

Let’s face it: Social media can be a bummer, but it’s just so easy to pick up our phones and start scrolling when we’re bored or impatient. Doomscrolling can make us unmotivated, unhopeful, and just plain exhausted. If you find yourself stuck in the scroll but need a break from the doom, try opening a new Insta or TikTok account and only follow accounts that are inspiring or motivational for you. Whenever you need a quick inspiration fix, open your inspo account and scroll away..

Do Something New

So much of our mindset is about perspective. If we’re repeatedly looking at the same things in the same way, we’re likely to get the same result. Getting outside our comfort zones and breaking out of our routines shifts that perspective. When you’re feeling stuck or unmotivated, make an effort to try something new. Switch up your fitness routine with a class you haven’t tried before, visit a park or museum you’ve never been to, or try a new cuisine or restaurant. We can’t fully embrace all the possibilities life has to offer if we don’t open up, explore, and find them.

Go Outside and Look Around

You don’t actually have to look that far to find awe and inspiration. It’s right outside our windows and doors in our neighborhoods, parks, and beaches. It’s in the faces of strangers on the street, in the sounds of kids on a school playground, in line at the grocery store, or out in some wide open space. We just have to look up and pay attention to really experience it. When you’re feeling blocked, unmotivated, or apathetic, try spending a little time outside, whether it’s on a park bench, in your backyard, or on a city bus. Take in your surroundings and look for the people who are helping each other, the squirrel who is super psyched to have found that nut (and really worried you’re going to take it), the steady presence of a tree working hard to clean the air around you. Yes, there is a lot of negative stuff happening, but there are many more good forces creating our world and stopping to appreciate them is inspiring.

Need Help Now?

If you or a friend are struggling and need to talk to someone, you are not alone. There are many free, confidential resources available 24/7.

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