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The simple act of getting up and moving our bodies can help reduce stress and improve our perspective. When we’re feeling so much anxiety, stress or anger in the moment, it can be hard to think clearly or to decide how to react or what to do next. Even just five minutes of light exercise – like a brisk walk around the block – can help reduce stress. The change of scenery also helps give us a fresh perspective.

Tips & Exercises

Flow in Abundance Yoga Class

Channing Hixon leads a 25 minute yoga flow for all skill levels. No experience required.

(30 minutes total, 25 minute practice)
Practice starts at 4:15

90-Second Breath & Movement Exercise with Heesun Kim

Fitness and yoga instructor Heesun Kim leads us through a quick, 90-second breath and movement flow to help us regroup and recharge in just a couple of minutes. Repeat if needed.

(90 seconds total)

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Breath to Flow with Cara Tramontozzi

Spin and yoga instructor Cara walks us through a short movement and breath flow to help us recharge and reconnect with ourselves.

(90 seconds total)

Vinyasa Yoga Practice Focused on Grounding & Belonging

Bilingual yoga instructor Adrianna Naomi leads us through a grounding Vinasya-inspired yoga practice suitable for all skill levels, no experience or equipment required.

(20 minutes)

Dance Workout with Kanoa Greene

A fun workout for any fitness level led by body positive fitness coach Kanoa Greene. Exercising can be fun and rejuvenate the spirit and the body.

(19 minutes)