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The “suck it up and keep going” mentality doesn’t work well with difficult emotions like anxiety, stress, fear or anger. We can’t outrun our feelings. It’s better to lean in and try to better understand what’s connected to those feelings or what might trigger them. If fear of uncertainty is creating anxiety, we can work on accepting the things we can’t change. If relationship conflict or pressure at work is creating stress, we can work on managing or coping with those stressors.

Tips & Exercises

Leaning Into Our Feelings with Courtney Knowles

When difficult feelings like anxiety or anger get overwhelming, being reactive can make things worse. Instead of pushing away from our feelings, a little reflection can help us cope, feel calmer and think more rationally about our next steps. Courtney talks about how he incorporates this into his journaling routine. 

(4 minutes total)

Journaling Prompts with K Marie (Brown Girl Talk)

K Marie – co-founder of Brown Girl Talk – shares 4 journaling prompts that we can make part of our daily journaling practice.

(1 minute total)