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Most of us are familiar with this cycle — you have too much to do so you get anxious and panicked, the anxiety makes it almost impossible to get anything done, you get further behind, and it escalates from there. The best thing we can do in these moments is take some deep breaths, maybe go on a walk to clear our heads, and then start making a list – prioritizing the tasks we need to complete in order of importance. Then we tackle them, one item at a time.

Tips & Exercises

Making Lists with Rachel Breitag

Actress, model and entrepreneur Rachel Breitag explains how lists helped her stay focused when she’s feeling overwhelmed.

(1 minute)

1-2-3 Method of Prioritizing with Joe Chambrello

Actor and fitness instructor Joe Chambrello shares the 1-2-3 method for prioritizing to help us feel calmer and stay focused.

(1 minute)