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Why are there so many songs and works of art about really heavy stuff? Because getting creative and expressing our feelings…works. These outlets help us cope, destress and process what we’re going through. You don’t have to be a professional artist or even good at your chosen creative outlet. Paint, draw, color, write poetry, create collages, make jewelry, knit or sing really loud. Keep supplies handy so you can take short breaks to create and express whenever you need to.

Tips & Exercises

Laugh & Breathe with Jalisa (Jay) Monroe

Yoga instructor Jalisa Monroe shows us how expressing laughter, even in moments where we don’t feel like laughing, can help us breathe and shift our moods and mindsets.

(1 minute)

Express through Songs & Music (with Rayvon Owen)

Singer/songwriter and television host Rayvon Owen shows us how to destress and express ourselves by singing (no skills or experience required).

(90 seconds)

Express Yourself with Playlists (Kanoa Greene)

Fitness Instructor Kanoa Greene encourages express through music playlists as a great way to Press Pause and destress. You can check out her playlists for inspiration.

(90 seconds)