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Science has shown that slowing our breathing helps us calm down and that taking a few minutes to do breathing exercises can help relax our mind and bodies, making it easier for us to cope with stress and anxiety. Start by simply stepping aside and taking a slow, full, deep breath whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Tips & Exercises

4-7-8 Breathing with Jay Monroe

Certified Breathologist and Yoga Teacher Jay Monroe leads us through approximately 8 minutes of the 4-7-8 breathing method to help us relax and recharge.
(16 min video, 8 min practice)
Exercise starts at 5:45 and ends around 14:00

Alternate Breath Exercise with Leucas Miller

Typically, breathing exercises suggest we breathe in through the nose and out through our mouths. Yoga instructor Leucas Miller leads us through an alternative breath exercise where we breathe in and out of our noses to feel calmer and more connected. 

(1 minute total)

Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing) with Channing Nixon

Yoga instructor Channing Hixon walks us through the Nadi Shodhana breath (getting proper name/spelling) to help us feel calmer and more grounded when anxiety or stress pops up.

(90 seconds total)

Samadhi Breath & Meditation with Adrianna Naomi

Brooklyn-based yoga instructor Adrianna Naomi leads us through a Samadhi – or one point of focus – meditation to help us stay focused and grounded when things feel overwhelming.

(1 minute)